About Us

Unprecedented economic overhauls and redistribution of wealth occurred during the past decade, generating the creation of a new generation of High Net Worth Individuals that typically operates with high mobility in various jurisdictions with increasingly complex needs. Like its holders, wealth has become more diversified in terms of both jurisdictions and assets. Only two client’s needs remained unchanged, Performance and Safeness. Lares was born in Switzerland with the sole aim to serve modern clients’ needs with a deep focus on Security and efficient risk/performance. Switzerland is well known for its political stability, healthy economy, solid banking system and for these reasons, Swiss private banking is synonymous of safety. Being a Swiss company, Lares embeds these characteristics in its DNA, however Lares’ mission is that of embarking a fresh approach that a modern private banking must offer to its sophisticated clients. Lares operates with one of a kind mix of professionals to deliver a customised and value added service on the four divisions it operates, i.e. Discretionary management, Investment Advisory, Family office and Dedicated Investment Solutions.

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